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filthy, nostalgic and wildly unsubtle.

by Dealbreaker. 

an amazing yarn about early-aughts Wall Street, reminding us of a simpler, disgusting time



by Jodi.F.

I appreciate getting a raw, unfiltered inside scoop into this world. Warning: this is not for the faint of heart, there is not a single redeemable human in these stories of gluttony, mysogyny, and white privilege trash. But damn… when’s the next one coming out? I need more.

Subscribe to the podcast, you won't regret it.

by The MacroTourist. 

needs a NSFW disclaimer, but gosh darn, this guy can tell a story. If you want to hear about some of the more depraved and hilarious inner-workings of the hedge fund world, give Occupy a Job on Wall Street a listen.

Genius storytelling


by RafaUSMC

My 7 years in NYC were filled with galas and rubbing elbows with the big players from a military lens. I always wanted to know what happened behind the doors. This podcast lets me live vicariously through the author! Thanks for the insight!

Semper Fi

Annoying and ignorant

by God.against.guns. 

take a PASS on this garbage

I love it!

by T-Hendy. 

These stories are pure gold! Interesting, funny, moving, crazy, I need more.

Almost perfect.

by jf9854 

Love the stories but the "annual context" in each episode is a little monotonous

Great Stuff 



For anyone who loves waxing nostalgic about Wall Street and enjoys the stories - this is the best podcast

Very Well Done 


by DKT37

It would be funnier if it wasn’t so accurate!

Classic Wall Street Story!!! 


by JMG1369

I was entranced and immediately drawn in by the well told story. After working on "the Street" for over 25 years I thoroughly enjoyed a blast from the past. Thank you and I look forward to your other podcasts!

Fantastic stuff, especially as an outsider. 


by Jasonr1984

Really funny sh*t. As someone who has never worked on Wall Street but supported those who have as a vendor, it’s hilarious to hear the savagery. Keep it coming!


by firemanRicky 

This is just like the movie Wall Street



by belushistyle


Love it 


by Jimmy Boome

If you are a fan of fast moving raw humor based on true stories this one is for you. Pumped about the new season.

You will be laughing in public 


by Gars8902

Each episode will put a smile on your face without a doubt



by Takeitandbidit

A must listen

Great Stories!


by TZA

Made me laugh out loud :)

Comically true


by Madantech

Love listening and really brightens up a finance guy's day

A long, strange trip


by Another Old Wall Street Guy

So real... good stuff

Great Stories

by HRL

Fantastic stories, short and often end on a cliff. The narrator is amazing and has a great voice. 

Top notch


by Bankerbob11

Great material, well done. I could listen to 20 of these straight. Wish there were more. 



by Aqua

* (All reviews from iTunes listeners unless otherwise indicated)

Well done


by ADG

The best and most entertaining informational interview (sic) I have listened to

Real as it gets

by Mess111111

Hilarious and informative stories of a time not that long ago

Really great podcast! 


by Petr_K

Not much to add here to the title. The podcast is unique. It condenses very easy listening and some food for thought. This is the only podcast I'm listening to regularly. 


by LL

one of the best podcasts on the internet. It's short, it's funny, it's educational. As someone, who will never experience Wall Street as it was in "the good old days", I thank you for sharing these funny stories. I recommended it to everyone I know could have the slightest interest. Also thank you for sharing a thoughtful lesson once in a while. The mix between hilarious fun and life lessons is fantastic. Thank you for your effort.

Fantastic Show

by M-NYC-pro-investor

Funny, incisive, insightful, worth every minute! 

Better than a 2nd face mask

by NotSoCrazyAboutEndive

Even before the pandemic, pedestrians would maintain plenty of social distance between themselves and some guy cackling to himself on the sidewalk. Who knew that this podcast would keep me safer than a 2nd face mask? Someone should tell Dr. Fauci.

If you know, you know 

by Connerty17

Everyone wants to know what it’s like to be on Wall Street. But there’s only one way - to actually be there. And that’s exactly what you get with this podcast. Awesome stories told with wit and humor. Everyone should give it a listen

by Jason Weisberg

What a great podcast peeling back the smoke and mirrors of the bulge bracket pyramid scheme that doesn’t fade. The humor and insight is witty raw and the reality that is a slap in the face of The Wall St posers and players. Can’t wait for next episode.

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